Saturday, October 23, 2010

When my generation gets to be really elderly our oldies music is gonna be crazy

I visited my mother in her elderly home and of course they had their music playing. So you'd hear a lot of Frank Sinatra and Sam Cooke, Motown and Big Band music.

And they would play their love songs like Johnny Mathis's Misty:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Progressives and Leftwingers need to sack up and get to the polls!

Something wickedly crazy this way comes....

I understand that enthusiasm for Obama and the democratic party has waned. Mainly because he's proven to be human and not the mythological savior his supporters thought or hoped he'd be. And a lot of that has to do with the lofty rhetoric that was his spiel during the campaign but some of that was the unrealistic dreams that supporters had as well. I mean, come on, did any of you REALLY think he was going to change how DC operates period much less in two years into his first term? Also, a lot of discontent is connected to high unemployment.

The Korean Air Commercials are the coolest

how does this advertisement make you feel?

I never paid much attention to them before but those commercials are the freakin smoothest, slickest promos for air travel I've ever seen. And watching them is a study in marketing science. Check out the use of light blue and blue green colors, very serene and soothing. All the locations are relaxation destinations and the music is smooth and jazzy. All of this puts you at ease and never once do you realize that for a few decades Korean Air had a large number of crashes and airline mishaps.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This chick looks like her father, but I still wanna fuck her..does that make me gay?

Hear me out...

This morning on Good Morning America, while getting dressed for work, I saw an interview with the guest singer. Now I wasn't really paying attention to the show so I didn't know who she was. But she looked real familiar around the eyes and nose just her general facial features. And she had a decent body shape. She was wearing a miniskirt she kept pushing down but the legs were hot.
But I kept having this nagging why does she look familiar vibe from her.

They Were 33 - How long will the Chilean Miners stay together?

They are getting substantial offers of money for their story, but made a pact to say little about their 69-day ordeal while negotiating movie and book rights. They even hired an accountant while underground to track and share the proceeds, their friend, shift foreman Pablo Ramirez, told The Associated Press.
The second all of the miners where freed from their underground captivity they all signed an agreement that stated they would split any and all money earned from the ordeal evenly among each other.

Now the question long will that deal hold?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

AND MADCONCEPTZ IS BACK ON THE AIR!!! And now a message from our host....


First, as you can see there have been some changes to the blog. Now instead of searching one blog page for  a post you're interested in you can now go directly to the subject and site the post is in. Also I intend to add some more frills as time goes on. So enjoy the new Madconceptz version 2.0!

Its been a few months since I started the blog and so far its been a blast..and If anyone who is viewing the pages likes what you've  seen or read so far, then feel free to participate by commenting on any post.

If you're a regular viewer or starting to be then by all means ask questions, give feedback, call me on my bullshit (and there will be plenty of bullshit to call), drop a subject for me to rant about (sex, porn and movies are always popular as you may have seen..but I'm not adverse to some political talk or social issues) and absolutely feel free to join the blog. I've got 3 FELLOW WARRIORS so far (if Lady Gaga can have "Little Monsters" then I can have warriors dammit!). The blog can only get better if  there's something (or someone) to bounce and play off. Sooo...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blast from the out the closet and ran across this...

 Found this brochure last week and wow did it bring back some memories. Going to the Auto Show was a tradition for me and my brother. We even had our picture taken with Downtown Julie Brown who was GORGEOUS back then. When I saw her playboy spread I would "wubba wubba wubba" one out to her on a regular basis...

Waxing Nostalgic - The Lazy Days of Summer and Scrambled Porn

I watched so much scrambled TV porn when I was young that by the time I got to see real porn I was quickly put off by the lack of subtlety and unabstract nature of it."
-Unknown SLA Goon

In my pre-teen youth, my summer days were filled with just a few goals. One was to do as little as absolutely possible in terms of anything constructive. Another one was to see how long I could stay awake before I either passed out or had a psychotic episode. My record is about 72 hours...I think. Around the 3rd day of no sleep, I remember hearing a constant buzzing noise in my ears, seeing swirling dots and feeling really paranoid. It was the closest I'd ever get to experiencing drug like affects without really trying drugs.

Beyond self induced sleep deprivation and absolute laziness there was one other thing I was determined to do achieve this one particular summer. Seeing as many naked women as humanly possible. To achieve this goal meant honing my skills of stealth, technical knowledge and plain old luck. The objective was watching the late night soft-core porn programming. This wasn't as easy as it might have seemed.

Blow Your Fucking Brains Out Charlie Brown!

Since Charles Schultz is no longer with us...I've come up with a number of  titles for future Peanuts family time know, to keep his legacy going. But since its post 911 life isn't so fluffy and light and I feel that the cartoons should reflect that.

So here are  some old titles and my proposals for future Peanuts cartoons:

Is this the most blunted out hampster you've ever seen?

This commercial cracks me up and takes me back to the 90s club scene all at the same time!

So you wanna be a filmmaker huh???

1. Figure out what do you want to do SPECIFICALLY in film work...all positions in front and behind the camera are specific disciplines in the industry.

2. immerse yourself in the environment of the career you're interested in. Get IN with the film making on as many student, indy/low budget, major studio projects that come to town as you can..its not only building a resume of experience but more importantly a NETWORK or LOOP of people who will recommend/hire you for the next JOB. If you don't have family obligations then WORK WORK WORK... A good portion of your jobs will come from hook ups and word of mouth (once you're in the loop of things) NOT cold call interviews.

3. I call it the 10 YEAR PLAN...give yourself 10 years to do it. In 10 years you can become ANYTHING (doctor, lawyer, Indian chief..) BUT its 10 years of WORK..not some work some bullshit... if your 21 then by 31 you SHOULD be working in the field in general if you haven't achieved your specific goal (director, editor) you should be close by this time.

4. Can you make a decent living?? That depends on what you think a decent living is and what career you decide to get into...ABOVE THE LINE in production or BELOW THE LINE in production.