Sunday, October 10, 2010

AND MADCONCEPTZ IS BACK ON THE AIR!!! And now a message from our host....


First, as you can see there have been some changes to the blog. Now instead of searching one blog page for  a post you're interested in you can now go directly to the subject and site the post is in. Also I intend to add some more frills as time goes on. So enjoy the new Madconceptz version 2.0!

Its been a few months since I started the blog and so far its been a blast..and If anyone who is viewing the pages likes what you've  seen or read so far, then feel free to participate by commenting on any post.

If you're a regular viewer or starting to be then by all means ask questions, give feedback, call me on my bullshit (and there will be plenty of bullshit to call), drop a subject for me to rant about (sex, porn and movies are always popular as you may have seen..but I'm not adverse to some political talk or social issues) and absolutely feel free to join the blog. I've got 3 FELLOW WARRIORS so far (if Lady Gaga can have "Little Monsters" then I can have warriors dammit!). The blog can only get better if  there's something (or someone) to bounce and play off. Sooo...

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