Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This chick looks like her father, but I still wanna fuck her..does that make me gay?

Hear me out...

This morning on Good Morning America, while getting dressed for work, I saw an interview with the guest singer. Now I wasn't really paying attention to the show so I didn't know who she was. But she looked real familiar around the eyes and nose just her general facial features. And she had a decent body shape. She was wearing a miniskirt she kept pushing down but the legs were hot.
But I kept having this nagging why does she look familiar vibe from her.

Then Robin Roberts said she had famous parents and I'm like...okay she's some famous woman's kid but who? Then Robin mentioned Christy Brinkley and I almost had a heart attack-ACK-ACK-ACK-ACK!  And then I could see it clearly. She looks like Billy fucking Joel about the face. Alexa Ray Joel may have her mother's body but she has her father's FACE!!!

And that threw me for a loop for a minute. Mainly because I was lusting after her pretty hard until I realized if I was kissing her it would be like kissing  BILLY FUCKING JOEL in drag!!

Then she sang her song. I have to admit, she does have musical talent but it was a silly and annoying song at best and the only thing that made me not want to turn the channel was her outfit.

Then I remembered she was the chick who tried to commit suicide a while back. Looking it up, it turns out she had taken a bunch of knockoff analgesics and there was no danger of her dying from it. Sooo she made a half hearted gesture at suicide to get back at her ex for breaking up with her. I get the feeling the title of her song wasn't a coincidence: "Notice Me"

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