Thursday, October 21, 2010

Progressives and Leftwingers need to sack up and get to the polls!

Something wickedly crazy this way comes....

I understand that enthusiasm for Obama and the democratic party has waned. Mainly because he's proven to be human and not the mythological savior his supporters thought or hoped he'd be. And a lot of that has to do with the lofty rhetoric that was his spiel during the campaign but some of that was the unrealistic dreams that supporters had as well. I mean, come on, did any of you REALLY think he was going to change how DC operates period much less in two years into his first term? Also, a lot of discontent is connected to high unemployment.

But after reading all these articles stating that independents are considering voting republican and progressives and liberals may sit on their asses come November 2nd is just fucking ridiculous. For sure the Obama administration has been doing a piss poor job of showing the progress they have made thus far but to have supporters and liberal press say things like "I'm exhausted from defending you" or "Obama just isn't into the Middle Class" just plays right into your political opponent's narrative and does nothing to motivate your own side to the polls.

And while everyone is bitching and hand wringing because the President failed to deliver all the bells and whistles, no one is saying whats a better alternative. Progressives and liberals bitched about the health care reform bill not having the public option or be single payer (they're angry it didn't go far enough)  but instead of saying to poll takers yes I want the bill (and will raise hell to modify it) when asked they said no. Which does nothing but give republicans ammunition to say that even the administration's supporters didn't want the thing. Which brings us back to...WHATS THE ALTERNATIVE?

The republicans killed Hillary Care while in utero then had control of the House and Senate from 1994 to 2006. Not to mention capturing the Executive office in 2000. In all that time how many times did serious health care reform ever come up? Everyone on both sides of the aisle agreed (and still agree) that the current system is shitty and needs to be changed yet the GOP, when in the position to do that very thing, pretty much did nothing. Except Medicare Part D which was problematic in itself and added a trillion to the deficit. You're welcome.

But lets be honest. The real issue in getting health care reform done wasn't so much obstructionism and trying to get the republicans on board so much as trying to placate the Blue Dog Democrats. When you have super majorities then the problem isn't getting the minority to join. All those side deals and politicking wasn't for republican votes on the bill.

Now that's not to say that the GOP hasn't had an effect with their "just say no" strategy. They've been blocking or opposing appointments, even on candidates they have no problem with on paper. Threatening to filibuster just about everything that comes on the floor and playing every wedge issue you can think of. Speaking of which...

On the issue of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, gays are understandably upset at the slow progress being made and while I'm not happy about it either, the reality is progress is being made. If a republican President or a republican congress was in power right now can anyone say that would be case today? If republicans regain control what are the chances that DADT repeal will be quietly swept under the rug?

The opposition isn't even hiding their intentions about what's going to happen if/when they get back in power. Which is much more obstruction, investigations and very possibly impeachment hearings (for what is anyone's guess).  Remember what happened to Clinton after the GOP tidal wave in '94? This will be like that only on steroids because Tea Party candidates will be involved this time around.

No matter how bad things got under Bush, two wars, increasing gap between rich and poor, increasing deficit, you name it. The right wing media and punditry never cut him off at the knees and cried about how much he's disappointed them, at least not while he was president. That's why Robert Gibbs called the professional left a bunch of pussies, because they have a tendency to echo the narrative of their political and ideological opponents. 

Yes, I agree that Obama's approach to leadership isn't as hands on as we would like but progress has been made. I also agree that his feet should be held to the fire on promises made that haven't been fulfilled yet but to whine and cry as if nothing was accomplished is just asinine.

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