Saturday, October 23, 2010

When my generation gets to be really elderly our oldies music is gonna be crazy

I visited my mother in her elderly home and of course they had their music playing. So you'd hear a lot of Frank Sinatra and Sam Cooke, Motown and Big Band music.

And they would play their love songs like Johnny Mathis's Misty:

or their dance tunes like Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Goin to a Go-go:

And it got me to thinking...when I'm 70, 80 years old what "oldies" will they play as "my" music..

Imagine yourself 85 years old...sitting in the dining room gumming oatmeal and taking your heart meds with a bunch of other octogenarians and the LOVE SONG from YOUR GENERATION coming thru the speaker is..

and in the rec room..while you're doing elderly upper body Tai Chi from your wheelchair and trying not to piss yourself you hear DANCE MUSIC from YOUR GENERATION playing:

I can see turning 80 and breaking a hip trying to do the Electric Slide...

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