Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The GOP Strikes Back...and Fox News couldn't be happier

Election Day is over and as the smoke clears its become apparent what the American people want. For government to work together. I imagine the country like a scientist with two beakers, one filled with red liquid, the other blue and she's mixing the two trying to find the right combination to fix the problem. Personally, I'm okay with the results. Things went pretty much as expected so its not a total surprise. All the true crazies (O'Donnell, Angle, Green, Paladino) all lost. There's some new blood installed and it will be interesting to see how the Tea Party candidates mix with the old guard Republicans.

For the networks, the shit talking can now commence. All those conservative pundits who had to support those crazy Tea Party candidates are now admitting they were weak, bullshit candidates  who shouldn't have run in the first place. You can tell the end times are coming when no one calls the crazy people on their bullshit.

President Obama will have to adjust his strategy and agenda to compensate for the change in balance of power and thats a good thing. The Republicans will finally have to put their money where their mouth is and actually participate in governing and solving problems rather than just obstructing. While some of them promised to investigate and persecute the administration, I suspect that wont happen for a while. With the country still reeling from high unemployment the last thing constituents want is time wasted on witch hunts. At least in the beginning. If Obama wins reelection in 2012 expect his second term to look much like Clinton's second term.
my zipper is stuck, someone put something in her mouth for me..

Meanwhile, now that the election is over, some people can now enjoy the fruits of their labor. Namely Christine O'Donnell and Alvin Green can finally parlay their infamous notoriety into the attention they've always sought. O'Donnell will surely get some kind book/reality tv show/pundit deal out this. The spawn of Palin has learned well how to hustle the public as a means of support and attention-whoring. Christine O'Donnell has never held a regular job and has used perpetual campaigning as a means of support. Siphoning campaign funds for her private use has been how she pays the bills and now she has millions to quietly misuse.

And Alvin Green has gone off the deep end and created his own comic book character called Ultimate Warrior, who saves people from foreclosure (lame). But hey, hes living the dream and that's what America is about after all...isn't it? Okay, he's a retard who "Distinguished Gentlemen'd" his way onto the ballot and everyone was to embarrassed at the fact that he got past the Primary to do anything about it short of killing him.

But the annoying kicker to all of this Fox News and how unabashedly happy the talking heads were that the GOP is back (at least partly back). The blonde bitches and dead looking people (seriously, Charles Krauthammer looks like a corpse) couldn't stop grinning the whole time. Granted its been two years since the last time they were happy but still, Fox News is like the evil empire of cable news networks. Well we're going to see just how "fair and balanced" they are now that the republicans have to bring something constructive to the table.

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