Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More cool shit from Japan...

the Gorillaz did it a few years back..but I guess the technology is more stable now...,101510-Live.article

The visuals almost became more central to the live shows, though, instead of less. The original plan was to move past the existing 2-D animation and into a concert of 3-D holograms. They tinkered with the technology and got it to work for their joint performance with Madonna opening the Grammys in 2006. Well, it sort of worked.

“It looked fantastic on TV, but that’s it,” Hewlett said. “Live, it’s impossible to do, it turns out. You can’t turn your bass up, you can’t turn anything up, because it vibrates the invisible expensive holo-screen stretched between the band and the audience. The holograms go to pieces. At the Grammys, there was not really any sound in the actual theater. The [technicians] we did that with, since then, have fixed the problem, but it’s too nerve-wracking to attempt.”

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