Friday, November 5, 2010

MSNBC is a part time news network at BEST!!

 The Associated Press reported that Keith Olbermann was suspended indefinitely for contributing to democratic candidates this past election season. The main issue seems to be that he didn't disclose to his bosses that he donated money. Now rules are rules but to be indefinitely suspended seems a bit excessive.

In fact considering how other talking head show hosts have done it and reading some other articles on the issue the suspension seems to have more to do with Olbermanns's contentious relationship with his boss rather than him breaking some small rule.
MSNBC has morphed itself into a mini-me version of Fox News. Where Faux Noise is hard right leaning, MSNBC has decided to try to counterbalance by leaning hard left. I say try because the network is only making a half-assed attempt at it. The only cable news network that actually stops broadcasting news or news related programming after late night on Fridays and weekends. How many "inside the prison" documentaries and To Catch  A Predator shows can you do? The reason Fux News is so highly rated is because they go hardcore with their message. 24 hours a day, seven days a week Fix News broadcasts skewed news, purposefully erroneous news crawls, incredibly biased talk show hosts and highlighting anything negative about their political enemies. Because MSNBC only broadcasts news half the time, their attempt to mimic the level of bias that Fake News produces is literally halved. If they're going to do it, then  go all the way. Why half step?

Olbermann may have a made a boneheaded mistake not getting the clearance to donate to the party of his choosing but he is the highest rated personality on the network. To suspend him indefinitely is ridiculous and ultimately injurious to the the network itself. 

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