Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First-Ever Microsoft Kinect Sex Game Launches - We are one step closer to the end people!!!

INNSBRUCK, Austria — Sex simulation game producer thriXXX announced today that it has added software controller support for Microsoft’s XBox Kinect device for its line of 3DSexGames titles. The company said the Open Sourcing of device drivers for Kinect enables the webcam-like device to be used directly from connected PCs operating on Windows 7.

 "The Kinect Controller is astonishing new technology that allows users to experience cybersex like never before,” said Brad Abram VP of business development.
He added, "It's novel, sexy, social, age-spanning, crazy and a rush to have virtual control at this level. Users will ultimately be able to use full body or hand gestures, voice commands and even real world sex toy objects like vibrators to control interactions in-game and between two active participants.”
The software is in early alpha stage testing, according to the company and will be released in 2011 as an option in all games that use the thriXXX engine.

A demo of the technology can be seen at Gamerotica — the company’s user community website.
"Imagine being able to control a game experience with a real world dildo in hand and having some remotely enjoy the in-game interaction online. It's mind boggling where this can lead," said Abram.
He added, “The Kinect interface provides another exciting interface option for users of the sex simulation software to control the experience in extraordinary new ways. Controller free is the next generation of game user interfaces allowing users to use gestures, spoken commands, or objects to control in-game action that creates a completely new sex game activity and magical experience.”


Doesn't anyone watch the movies??!! Don't you know how this ends?? We keep integrating technology into our daily lives and sex play and suddenly some damn neuro-net somewhere goes online and decides that man is no longer necessary. Then we're all hunted down by big breasted hypersexual androids that fuck us all to death!

wait a minute...

On second thought that may not be such a bad way to go when you think about it...

Never mind. Carry on.

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  1. lol that's crazy I had to check their site and they already are out there with their stuff anyways. wow.