Monday, December 20, 2010

Miracle At The Meadowlands Part 2 - A Thing Of Beauty... a joy forever.

My man John Keats said that.

To tell you the truth, I missed the second half mainly because I'm superstitious. I missed the last game and the Eagles won then yesterday I watched the first half and they got their asses handed to them. I started to get that feeling that my watching was jinxing them so I turned the channel and then ran out to do some errands. When I checked the score online it said Giants 31 Eagles 24, my eyebrow raised. Then I checked again a couple of minutes later and the score was tied 31 all. I held my breath.

Then I heard a neighbor shouting "UNBELIEVABLE!!" so I turned the channel to the game and it was over. The greatest comeback in Eagles history and I like to think my not watching the second half and jinxing the team helped in some small way..

You're welcome Eagles without further ado..lets watch the highlights of the Miracle At The Meadowlands - the Next Generation..

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