Thursday, January 6, 2011

GUEST ARTICLE: The Bird Is The Word...What Type Of Evil Is This?

By Gigi

Hundreds more birds found dead in western Ky.

The Associated Press
Wednesday, January 5, 2011; 4:51 PM

MURRAY, Ky. -- Kentucky wildlife officials say several hundred dead birds were found dead in the western part of the state. The grackles, red wing blackbirds, robins and starlings were found last week.

New Year's Eve fireworks have been blamed for the deaths of thousands of blackbirds in central Arkansas. Another 450 birds died this week in Louisiana, likely after hitting power lines or cars.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources spokesman Mark Marraccini says someone called police about the discovery in Kentucky, and they alerted state officials. Marraccini says tests performed on the birds ruled out diseases or poisons. He said the deaths could have been caused by weather or another natural event.

Mass bird deaths are not uncommon.


But they are unsettling as hell...Ever noticed in horror films when the director wants to show that a person, place or thing is really damned or emphasize the severity of an evil omen they use animals. Animals doing bizarre things. For instance, furious flies swarming, killer kitty's from the grave and demented, demon dogs destined to devour you while surrounding you in an immobile car (yes, that was a Cujo reference). So seeing in the news a bunch of stories about birds suddenly falling out of the sky for no apparent reason, my innate horror movie sense began tingling like a mofo. Birds are born to fly, not fall down to the ground dead and certainly not in massive numbers. What the hell is going on?

So, I waited it out to hear how this story unravels and as of today here is the scoop. Before New Years around 3,000-5,000 birds where found dead in the Southern region of the United Sates. A few days later around 500 more birds are discovered...DEAD! But wait there is more... hundreds more birds in Kentucky D.E.A.D. The birds are of various species and sizes, the only thing they all had in common were that they were all capable of flight, and, oh yeah, they are all dead, deceased, ex birds, bereft of life, joined the crowd invisible (where's John Cleese when you need him). Now, word is coming out from Europe that another swarm of dead birds have surfaced in Sweden. Back in the United States The powers-that-be declared that the first round of avian homicides were due to fireworks. Yeah, okay, not many birds fly at night, during the winter, through fireworks, but hey, I guess anything's possible right? Then we heard that the deaths where due to the weather. Yeah, every year we all see reports on the large bird deaths we have due to the weather. (I'm being sarcastic in case you missed it).

It wouldn't be surprising at all to find out some big chemical corporation screwed up majorly and the animals and eventually we (humans) will suffer in silence. I know how many of you hate conspiracy theories and sometimes they can be rather irritating, but if it was not for the frequency and the large number of bird fatalities I could chalk it up to an act of nature, global warming and such...BUT, there has also been 100,000 dead fish washed up in Arkansas. What. The. Fuck?! Are these deaths the ramifications of an abused planet? Is this a M. Night Shamalan nightmare? Or is it the actions of  corrupt corporations and/or military tactics of a powerful and immoral infrastructure? Don't be surprised if you start hearing about clusters of cancer and leukemia cases in those regions.

We should know by now how, what Eisenhower referred to as, the military-indutrial complex does business and how they are no strangers to acts against nature, man, and animal-kind. The infestation of our water ways, soil and air with toxic pollutants is done more frequently then what is exposed. Years from now we'll probably get more details from some future version of Wikileaks or maybe Michael Moore will do a documentary on it.

Stay tuned...more is definitely in store. (cue tense violins)

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