Thursday, February 3, 2011

McDonald's and Burger King need to extend breakfast to 1pm!

Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle

Sometimes... no MOST times, I don't want a damn cheeseburger at 10:45 in the morning!! When you get up in the AM and you're trying to start your day the last thing you need to deal with is making compromises in what's the first meal you're going to eat. It's one thing to have to decide between getting say a breakfast burrito vs. your favorite breakfast meat with eggs (and possibly cheese) on a croissant, bagel or English muffin. You only have to adjust your taste slightly, its not a major deal. But its a completely whole other thing to have to decide between a breakfast sandwich and a damn cheeseburger. Its two totally different tastes and two totally different mindsets.

A breakfast meal says to your body, "Hello, we're going to ease you into this day and help get you up to speed on the crap you have to deal with. So just sit back and enjoy these soothing tastes, then get up from your table and hit it."

A hamburger on the other hand is the equivalent of a pit-stop. Fuel you throw down the chute to give you just enough energy to get to the finish line. It's not designed to get you off the starting pad or out of the gate which is why by the time lunch comes around you're already feeling a bit icky because you've been running on the wrong kind of fuel all this time.

Yet McDonald's and Burger King insist on forcing its consumers to make tough decisions before they even get to work by ending their breakfast meals well before noon.

Its ridiculous that such big and popular chain of fast food restaurants adhere to such an arcane practice. How many times have you walked out of a McDonald's or Burger King because they JUST stopped serving breakfast?

Bacon, Egg & Cheese CROISSAN'WICH ®
How many times have you had to adjust your meal desire because instead of a breakfast sandwich the only thing you could choose is what kind of cheeseburger you want and its only 11:05 in the morning?

How many times have you felt your heart sink while standing in line to order and you see the pimply faced clerk change the menu from breakfast to lunch. And the only thing you can do is HOPE that there are some breakfast meals left over and HOPE that they don't sell out before you're next??

I say TO HELL WITH THAT!! McDonald's and ALL the breakfast serving fast food chains need to change with the times and demands of the PEOPLE!

They say "Have it your way." But its really have it your way only in the times we designate. They say "I'm Lovin' It"...we say, NO we're not! I've heard the explanations. Apparently they cook their lunch meals at a different temperature than the breakfast meals and need the strict time to adjust the stoves properly or some such nonsense. I call bullshit! Diners and vendors cook the same meals and don't need to readjust crap to get the food cooked properly. You see the cooks toss a burger on the same grill they just got finished making a bacon and egg sandwich on.

The breakfast hours are just a fascist way of controlling our lives. If I want and am willing to pay for a damn Egg McMuffin at 12:30 in the afternoon then I should be able to get a damn Egg McMuffin at 12:30 in the afternoon! Is this America or what?

Our brothers and sister in Egypt and Tunisia have shown us the way. If the people can demand that a government change its ways and can get their President to fire the entire Cabinet and promise to step down in a week's time then damn it we can get Micky D's and BK to change their breakfast hours! The people need to rise up and show these corporate behemoths who has the real power. If you believe that McDonald's and Burger King and any other major fast food chain who serves a breakfast menu but with nazi hours should extend their hours to at least 12:30-1pm then join me in the Twitter Revolution and RETWEET it!

Cut and paste this statement on your twitter or follow me and lets start the revolution!



McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Launches Nationwide October 6, 2015

McDonald's is officially launching an all-day breakfast menu nationwide, starting October 6. The chain's franchisees voted today to bring the program to 14,300 locations across the country. McDonald's has been testing the program since March in cities like San Diego, Nashville, and in various locales across Mississippi.

Currently, the company does not sell popular items like the Egg McMuffin past 10:30 a.m., citing that there is not enough grill space to cook both burgers and breakfast items. Due to this, the all-day breakfast menu is simplified and limited to a number of "core items," writes the Wall Street Journal. Customers will be able to buy Egg McMuffins, biscuit sandwiches, hash browns, sausage burritos, and hot cakes beyond the 10:30. However, those hoping for a 3 p.m. McGriddle will still be out of luck.

A manager at a McDonald's outpost in Greenville, Miss., which has been part of the early trial, said in a phone conversation with Eater that all-day breakfast is a good move: "When they came up with that concept, it just went viral. It's busier than it had been. McDonald's is getting good sales for it." The boost in sales apparently came at little cost to the restaurant: "At first it was [difficult] because you had to get proper training. We had some [staff] that only worked lunch and didn't know anything about breakfast. Trying to get them dedicated and learning and training, that was the only hard part. But now it's easy. They have no problem with it now."

The news comes just days after McDonalds revealed that it is now cooking its breakfast items in real butter. A number of locations have already switched to the real stuff and a full rollout will occur when McDonald's "depletes its supply of liquid margarine."


It took a few years longer than I hoped but a change is coming!!!

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