Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reporter Kelli Arena Says She Was Assaulted At Million Man March

Excerpt of the transcript from the Joy Behar show:

00:06:11    So it is important also to note that rape happens and sexual assault happens against men in some of these regimes.
00:06:19 (Kelli Arena)    >> Look, joy, I have to say something, I was right here in the nation's capital, , many years ago, in 1995, covering the million man march.
00:06:28 (Kelli Arena)    He was on my way to a live shot to cover that convenient and i was harassed by a group of men, thrown on the floor, they were saying you the most awful sexual things to me.
00:06:37 (Kelli Arena)    Another man came into that situation to help me, he was there with his son and help me, but that happened here, in the united states.

00:06:46    I mean this is that whole mob mentality, you know?
00:06:49     We are -- this is 2011, yes, but that still exists when you have a group of men that are together and get that mentality going, all revved up and often -- this is around the world.
00:07:01    This isn't just egypt.
00:07:03    It is not just -- in other words it is here, too, in the united states.
00:07:07 (Joy Behar)    >> Yes, I that case in central park where those young guys were wilding, remember and assaulted that woman brutally.
00:07:14 (kelli arena)    Same idea, mob mentality.

I'm a bit surprised that they didn't reference the rumored assault incidences during Hurricane Katrina in this interview. If Kelli Arena was attacked at the march why didn't she say anything then?
If there is a witness like a camera person why didn't that person say anything? Its coming up on 16 years since the Million Man March and this is the first time I've read or head about any violent incident coming from the event.

As far as the wilding/jogger incident goes, Joy Behar needs to get her information checked:

New York Times

Convictions and Charges Voided In '89 Central Park Jogger Attack

Published: December 20, 2002

Thirteen years after an investment banker jogging in Central Park was savagely beaten, raped and left for dead, a Manhattan judge threw out the convictions yesterday of the five young men who had confessed to attacking the woman on a night of violence that stunned the city and the nation.
In one final, extraordinary ruling that took about five minutes, Justice Charles J. Tejada of State Supreme Court in Manhattan granted recent motions made by defense lawyers and Robert M. Morgenthau, the Manhattan district attorney, to vacate all convictions against the young men in connection with the jogger attack and a spree of robberies and assaults in the park that night.

I wonder if there is going any follow up on Arena's claim?


  1. I hope no one is foolish enough to believe this claim. Why would CNN send a white woman to the MMM? That would be like President Obama going to a KKK rally. Why wait 15 years to say something?

    I was at that march, between the police, military (overhead) and the FOI presence I assure you this incident never occurred. I can't speak for others but I didn't hear a single curse word the entire day.


  2. woah woah... are you seriously comparing the Million Man March a KKK rally??

    dude WTF??

    what the Ku Klux Klan is about and what the Million Man March was about are galaxies away from each other.

  3. This is desperation on the cusp of madness. I was there and the MMM was the most peaceful event ever organized in the U.S. No cursing, no altercations, no smoking and no drinking. Nothing but peace. Where is the police report? Who is she accusing of this? There are lies and then there are DAMN LIES!

  4. I agree, if this was true it would have been reported. I was in college during the MMM and I watched it on a big screen TV in our multi-purpose room. Later, I remember learning that the BBC reported that the March was a failure with riots and looting breaking out. Just goes to show you how vindictive racists are. The March, from what I saw and what I heard, was beautiful and spiritual. No one who was a part of it would attack a woman- the men where there to atone and promise to do better for themselves, families and communities. If her "attack" occurred it probably was some group of scraggly thugs who were not there to support the goals of the March.