Friday, February 25, 2011

Wanna See Something Amazing? Watch This Video

 A West Union police officer is recovering after being assaulted early Sunday morning.

Sgt. Jason Daniels pulled over a truck with expired tags and tried to arrest the driver, Phillip Evans, 21, when Evans was uncooperative, police said.

As Daniels tried to use a Taser gun on Evans, police said another man, Timothy Pritchett, 24, appeared behind Daniels. Cruiser cam video shows Pritchett grabbing Daniels by the neck and pulling him to the ground.

On the video, Evans walks over and kicks Daniels several times, one kick sending Daniels' hat flying out of the frame.

The video shows Pritchett telling Evans to stop eventually, and a couple comes over and tells the men to back off. Daniels regains his feet and holds both men at gunpoint.

Both men are charged with felonious assault. 



What's not amazing is the fact that a police officer was attacked.

What is amazing is that the cop didn't shoot any of his assailants.

I can't help but think..if two black guys did this someone would have ended up shot several times.

There were at least a couple of things I can see that the cop did wrong and its amazing he didn't get killed.

1. Where's the back up or at least his partner. Seems to me cops don't make traffic stops alone anymore.

2. He wasn't aware of his surroundings and let another person attack him from behind.

From the looks of it Pritchett walks up to him from the side but still in his line of vision. The cop was so preoccupied with making the arrest that he completely ignores him. 

And yet throughout all of this Officer Daniels was still able to show restraint in not firing his weapon or mistaking his gun for his tazer.

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