Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama To Trump And Birthers: F*** You Very Much...

"And for you birthers, I just want to guys are fucking assholes!"

At least thats what he should have said. I'm torn on the issue myself. The President producing his original birth certificate long form because of the cacophony of noise from the right just plays into a history of the Obama administration placating conservative assholes.

On the one hand, he shouldn't have to do this. The first certificate of live birth was sufficient and met the criteria for all 50 states otherwise Obama wouldn't have been able to run for the office in the first place.  And it kind of burns my up that the President is yet again placating the loonies on the right. He did it before with accepting Van Jones's resignation because of Glenn Beck. Then again with Shirley Sherrod being forced to resign based on false accusations and the fear of the Fox News Network running with story. And now with the birthers, the president feels the need to mollify these assholes by doing something that was totally unnecessary.

On the other hand as a purely political move it throws the GOP in a bit of turmoil because nearly all of the birther shit is coming out of their camp so if it continues they will look like even bigger fools especially with someone like Trump being held up so visibly.

Right now the GOP leaders are trying to downplay the whole thing while Trump (having the bigger bullhorn) just makes it worse. As long as Trump is leading the Party in the polls it makes the Party look foolish. And of course his ego won't let him just shut the hell up and now he is breaking his arm patting himself on the shoulder for this "accomplishment".

What Donald Trump really is is a mosquito on a bear's ass and it managed to make the bear stop long enough to scratch. But at the end of the day the asshole is still just a mosquito. 

If Trump actually does declare a candidacy (and I doubt it) it will be an interesting train wreck to watch as the GOP leaders work to tear him down and discredit him as a legit contender.

So MAYBE Obama releasing the record wasn't such a bad idea...maybe.

here is a video from a man who articulates how it felt when Obama released his birth certificate

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