Friday, April 29, 2011

Which Was Worse: The Clinton BJ Scandal or Obama Birther Conspiracy

"This shit wouldn't happen to anyone else" what they both thought during their controversies.

After all of the hoopla of the birther issue and a standing President lowering himself to show he is an American citizen some two and half years into his first term. Its easy to think "something like this would NEVER happen to a white man..." But then I remember that President Clinton's personal life was dragged through the streets for public consumption. His marriage was seriously and again publicly affected. And he was the second United States President in history so far to ever be put through the impeachment process (Andrew Johnson was the first to be put on trial and he acquitted as well). And all of this was over lying about getting a blow job mind you.
So it got me to thinking was this birther issue in part an attack of racism or were the conservatives just doing what they always do when there's a Democrat in office.

I can see how some people particularly Black people can read a Jim-Crow-show-me your papers angle in this but considering how they also hounded the Clintons relentlessly for the whole 2 terms, including impeaching Clinton in the last year of his last term just to fuck up his legacy. Should we really see this as the right-wing being what the right has always been, a bunch of petty assholes? Or, is the Ghost of Racism Past rearing its ugly head again?

You make the call:

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