Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Other News, Bobby Jindal Answers A Question No One Asked And Releases His Birth Certificate


Jindal, knowing that his own status will certainly be examined in the event he ends up on a presidential ticket, released his own birth certificate Friday, and his parents -- through Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin -- this week offered fresh details of their immigration to the United States.

1. Awww, bless his heart, he thinks he's still relevant.

2. Considering both parents were foriegners here on green cards doesn't that make Jindal the "Anchor Baby" that the republicans complain about? (see how easy it is to start...)

3. Who is going to put Piyush on their really??

After his crash and burn making a rebuttal to the President's State Of The Union 2 years no one sees Jindal as a strong counterpart on their ticket. At least not in this upcoming cycle.

Was it the goofy walk out? Or maybe it was the 30 Rock Kenneth Parcell voice? Was it the fact that his speech was lame as hell? In any case Piyush "Bobby" Jindal doesn't have to worry about being put on anyone's presidential ticket any time soon.

It cracks me up to hear someone say "oh God..." as he walks out. /wahaha

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