Thursday, June 9, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Upset About Weiner Pic

Speaking to radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou on KFI in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Breitbart said: "I want an investigation from Sirius into what the hell happened there."
Breitbart was in New York earlier in the day for an appearance on the Opie & Anthony Show, where he passed around his cell phone to hosts Anthony Cumia and Gregg Hughes, along with sidekick Jim Norton and actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who was also a guest of the show Wednesday. The picture of Weiner's genitals were on the phone's screen and after Breitbart left the studio the picture hit the Internet.

Gawker published this uncensored photo.

Breitbart said he was comfortable showing the photo -- which he has repeatedly said he had no intention of making public -- because Norton assured him there were no cameras around.

"They right away admitted that they did this behind my back. They used a surveillance camera that's in the room and did a screen grab of it and put it out there," Breitbart told Kobylt and Chiampou. Hughes, aka Opie, has tweeted his part in obtaining the photo and posting it on the Internet. The Opie & Anthony Show has since posted video of Breitbart passing the phone around in the studio but the three-minute snippet doesn't show Norton and the others agreeing to any stipulations before viewing the photo. (The video is below).

"I'm not sure they're allowed to say we're not going to do anything and say that there are no cameras in here, and then there are cameras in there," Breitbart said to the KFI hosts. "I mean, maybe you are allowed to lie to people and breach their confidence."



This fuckin' guy... Breitbart makes a living out of doing "gotcha" shit and now wants to cry foul because its happened to him? Fuck you and the pig you rode in on. Yeah, there should be an investigation... right after he gives up the source who provided him the bogus edited video of Shirley Sherrod's lecture that ultimately cost her her job.

What a prick.

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