Monday, June 6, 2011

Anthony Weiner...You DUMBASS!!

Weiner admits pics are his...




You KNOW the GOP will come after you with both barrels over this.

Yet another politician who blows it over the hint of pussy.

After a week of stalling and playing cute with it, the truth comes out not because Weiner was tired of playing games but because he was cornered as more pics and info was coming out. So today Anthony loses much respect from his supporters, his colleagues and his wife, who I'm sure knew it was his dick the second she saw the picture and was just waiting to see how long he was play all this out.

What's most fucked up is he JUST got married last year and his wife is FINE!!

We have more in common than I thought Madam Secretary...

I don't know if his wife Huma Abedin should divorce him but this has got to be mortifying. There should be congressional hearings as a just desserts for his stupidity. And he better hope that he doesn't get Tiger Wooded and bitches start coming out of the woodwork on his ass. And of the six women he has admitted to (and you know there are more) he better pray that one of them isn't under 18.

Here's the chick he tweeted the dick pic to. Was it worth it?

What makes it WORSE is that he proves that other asshole Andrew Breitbart correct. 

I said earlier that Weiner lost some cool points. Well after this stunt he's lost them all!

Now he's just another lying politician..It just shows that you never know..

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  1. I totally agree. I don't give a rip about his sex life. As a Progressive, I do care about fucking over liberal constituents because he has shitty judgement. I just lost all respect for him. What a dumb shit!

  2. You're right... Weiner's indiscretion is disturbing in that not only did he handle it in a strikingly piss poor manner, how he conducts himself in private only foreshadows how he'll conduct himself in public. Which is to say that he had no problem crossing the line and selling his marriage out so why shouldn't we believe that he would eventually sell himself out as a representative of the people.