Thursday, June 2, 2011

Come On Anthony Weiner Stop Attention whoring!

did I do that?

If i didn't know any better (and I don't) I would swear that Weiner is enjoying this moment.

This dude has run his mouth nonstop about this stupid issue and the media is only too happy to oblige him. Was it really necessary for CNN's Wolf Blitzer to hold a sit down interview with him over this?

He's done MSNBC and other networks as well and in every interview he gives the same over-thinking evasive answers. I pretty much was going to ignore the whole thing because its ridiculous but after Weiner's incessant yapping about it, I decided to see what the hell the hullabaloo was about (yes I said hullabaloo).

Okay, now I see why Weener is being coy. This kind of straddles the line. While it's not nudity it is very licentious. But on its own its nothing worse than what been seen in a Calvin Klein ad. Hell, didn't Marky Mark Wahlberg make a career from pictures like this?

But for a nerdy, skinny, straight laced dude like Weiner this is downright rock-star. No wonder he won't outright deny that its him. What guy is gonna say he doesn't have a big dick?

But this kind of thing should be beneath him. I would have thought Weiner's position as one of the more serious and effective congressmen would have ignored this non-issue from the start but apparently his ego wouldn't allow that.

With unemployment getting worse at this moment. With the fight on the hill over the debt-ceiling and the fate of medicare being batted around like a tennis ball, you would think that one of the Democratic Party's brighter shining members in congress would have a better handle on this "problem" than how Anthony has handled it so far.

When asked if that was a picture of him? Weiner's reply: "I can't say with certitude" What kind of bullshit answer is that?? Either that's you or its not. Are you saying you can't remember taking it or someone taking a picture of you in your drawers??

Really, Anthony, no seriously??

Here is a guy who doesn't hesitate to break his foot off in someone's ass on the congressional floor...

And now he can't give a straight answer on whether or not he took a picture in his underwear?  Is this the same guy??

This is attention whoring at its worst and it's a shame. Anthony Weiner just lost some cool points for this episode.


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