Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome To Tiger Woodsville, D*ckhead! Weiner's Angels Start To Come Out...

Didn't take long for the parade of bitches to start. In what has now become a tradition in sex and sex related scandals is the scramble for the most attention from the women involved. To watch it is like seeing a bizarre reverse of the light and cockroaches saying. Turn on the lights and watch the cockroaches scatter but in this case its to the spot light instead of away from it.

Starting with Meagan Broussard who claims that all she wants is to be a private citizen and have no problems or exposure. Uh huh, thats why she did Fox News and a host of other network interviews. That's why she told her tale to Andrew Breitbart, because she wanted privacy and to be left alone.

Does that face and slight smile look like the expression of someone who doesn't want attention? Then there's the Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss. She says that she regrets meeting Weiner and the the attention is "ruining her life". She told this to TMZ after posting their explicit chat sessions to anyone who will read it. 

And of course there's the ever present porn star, Ginger Lee. There's got to be at least one sex worker in these kinds of scandal and Weiner hasn't disappointed. Dude has hit just about every land mine there is. Interestingly, so far the one person who is the biggest exhibitionist in the bunch (except for the Dork Knight himself that is) hasn't said anything.


And true to form the GOP has turned their attention to the effort to get Weiner to resign. Democrats are walking away from him like he's a leper and even pundits who were trying to downplay it last week are now saying his position is in serious jeopardy. Jon Stewart couldn't bring himself to treat his old friend in the same manner he would have anyone else in cutting up on Weiner (hehe) in his faux news cast.

What makes this really sad is that what Anthony Weiner did wasn't even all that interesting as far as sex scandals go.

Did he have sex with 19 women over a five year period? None that we know of...yet.

Did he father a child and keep it a secret for 10 years? No.

Did he cheat on his terminally ill wife then lie and cover it up? Nope

All there is so far is a sad man who engaged in phone and cyber sex with a bunch of women. And I guess that's what makes it so frustratingly sad and pathetic. In some morbid way you can say that at least Tiger, Arnold and John got something tangible out of it. Like a child or some gutter sex and in Tiger's case a lot of gutter sex.

All Anthony Weiner got out of it was just his dick in his hand and it looks like we may see the pictures of that. For a guy who was positioning himself as one of the Democrats most prominent firebrands and attack dogs on the hill. Its such a shame to see that this was his undoing.

Even if his career survives this (and barring anything more embarrassing or criminal coming out) to borrow a phrase from my favorite martial arts movies back in the day, his kung fu has been broken. There's no way he can portray the righteous angry progressive hellbent on taking it to the republicans at every turn. He's just another lying politician with very questionable judgment now.

UPDATE - A nude shot of Weiner (hehe) has been leaked. And now there's more rumbling from both sides of the aisle for him to resign. Some of those pics definitely look like they were taken at the office.

Traci Noble Nobles, 35 from Athens Ga.,
Meagan Broussard, 26, single mother from Texas
Lisa Weiss, 40, Las Vegas
Ginger Lee, porn star
Gennette Cordova, 21, Washington state.

That's 5 of the six women Weiner admitted to sexting and phone talk with who are now talking to the press. Stay tuned you KNOW more is in store.

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