Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally, Truth In Advertising! Hail To The All Powerful Vagina!

Its incredible how gutsy the ad firms are getting nowadays. That commercial is funny and historically accurate. Like the love of money, the love of punani has the been the root of many a conflict over the centuries. But you have to admit that its pretty good thinking to link it to feminine hygiene in a sort of tongue in cheek way. "Hey ladies, take care of your cooters, it's important to us all." is the clear message and its funny cause its true.

What I also find most interesting is the women of color shown. Usually these kind of commercials show white women and I guess are aimed, at least unconsciously, at that demographic. Which pretty much ignores the fact that there are other women in the world with working vaginas who could use their product. Its not like no women of color ever used Summer's Eve until now, they have, but it would be nice to include them in major ad campaigns as well. Its especially interesting that they first two shots in the commercial include black women, particularly in the ancient Egypt segment, which historically is always portrayed with a white woman as an Egyptian queen. So kudos to the C.B.Fleet Company for coming around to diversity.


There's a fine line between good thinking! and what the fuck were you thinking? The other Summer's Eve "Hail to the V" commercials are just jaw dropping in their audacity. Where to begin?

Talking vaginas? Who the hell thought that was a good idea for a national campaign?

Hand puppets serving as talking vaginas? Are those even women's hands cuz they look pretty big and bony.

How stereotypical can you get? The black and latina "vaginas" lean really hard into the stereotypes. Including a neck roll for the black one and suddenly bursting into spanish for no apparent reason for the latina. Wow, just wow. .

WASH YOUR PUSSY! All three of the spots repeat this mantra as if women don't know this. Psst, hay advertising execs...before there was a douche there was soap and water. I mean come on now, if this were FRANCE then I'd say okay..(I keed , I keed French people)

If I had to guess, I'd say the ideas for these commercials came during an all nighter brain storming session when people are tired and loopy. Some of the most craziest shit seems like a good idea at that time of night. Unfortunately no one took a nap and thought better of it.

Over all, this part of the "Hail to the V" campaign was wrong on so many levels its not even funny. The only positive thing is they, again, made a conscious effort to include diversity but damn.../shock

But what's your opinion? Do the commercials go too far?

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