Friday, August 12, 2011

Now That Bonnie & Clyde & Clyde have Been Caught Who Will Play Them In The Movie?

PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) — A woman caught with her two brothers after a nationwide manhunt told Colorado authorities she "deserved to get shot" after pointing a gun at a police chief at the end of the siblings' run from the law, according to a court document.

Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, and Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21, are being held in Pueblo County, Colo., on bonds of $1.25 million each. The three made their first court appearance Thursday by video from jail, and none made any statement during the brief hearing.

They face charges of attempted murder of a peace officer and assault on a peace officer. The charges stem from allegations that they shot rounds from an AK-47 at four patrol cars during a chase Wednesday on Interstate 25 in Colorado. The chase ended when troopers deployed spike strips to puncture the tires of the trio's Subaru, and the vehicle rolled and crashed into a guardrail.

According to an arrest affidavit, Lee Dougherty ran from the crash and was shot in the leg by Walsenburg Police Chief James Chamblerlain after she pointed a "machine pistol" at him. The document says she later told police, "I deserved to get shot."


Yeah, yeah, yeah, all's well that ends well. So how long before they make the movie?

You know everyone is thinking it. They're young, Lee Grace is hot in a wild-child sick bitch kinda way. And no one was killed. There was a crime spree, high speed chase, hell, there was even some light gun play by Grace herself and she cheerily accepted getting shot.  
The fact that Grace used to strip and has sexy nudes posted online only makes this story better. 

for uncut pics click  here
Here are my picks for the film version of these assholes misadventures...


I picked Maggie Gyllenhaal because she could really dig a role like this. She plays white trashy really well plus she's good with nudity. Check out her work in a couple of flicks called Sherrie Baby and The Secretary. Ethan Hawke and Jesse Eisenberg look like they would enjoy the roles as well. 

 So if you were casting The HillBilly Crime Spree who would you get to play Hottie, Dumb and Dumbass??

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