Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather KOs Ortiz but was it a cheap shot??

That didn't last long. Knock out in the 4th round but was it a fair knock out?


At first I was inclined to say that Floyd did do a cheap shot and has no honor in the ring because Ortiz was clearly not ready to fight. But that was all negated by the intentional headbutt Ortiz did earlier in the round. Because of that and the point deduction, Ortiz spent most of the time after the foul apologizing to Mayweather. After the referee deducted the point he brought both fighters together and instructed them to continue. Still apologetic, Ortiz said he was sorry one more time with his hands down. Seeing his opportunity, Mayweather lit into Ortiz with a one two combination that flattened his opponent completely.

The after fight interview was all excuses by both fighters and a rant by Mayweather on commentator Larry Merchant that was more WWE than WBC.

Mind you Floyd was winning the fight and dominating up to this point. But the most important rule in boxing is to protect yourself at all times.

I say, Floyd hit his opponent when he was unprepared but was within his rights to do so because it was during time in and considering the flagrant foul by Victor.

But it smells cheap.

Whats YOUR opinion?

Was it a cheap shot?

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