Monday, October 10, 2011

18 years old, bad skin, criminal record and addicted to porn...and its NOT a guy!!!

connect the dots...
An 18-year-old Minnesota woman has been arrested in connection to a residential burglary, accused of sneaking into her neighbor's house through the doggie door. The woman has blamed her actions on debt and an addiction to pornography, Anoka County sheriff's spokesman Paul Sommer told The Huffington Post.

Amanda Rose Owens of East Bethel, a city located about 30 miles north of Minneapolis, was charged on Wednesday with second-degree burglary. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in jail and a $20,000 fine.

According to Sommer, Owens' neighbor, Darin Paul Pake, 44, contacted police on October 3 and reported that a burglary had taken place at his residence on Earskin Street Northeast in East Bethel. Pake told police that a camera, a briefcase and a jar of money were missing.

Pake said that he had been noticing that, sporadically, belongings were missing and he had installed a surveillance camera in an attempt to capture the culprit on film. It worked. Pake showed detectives footage of Owens, a neighbor and babysitter he had once used, entering his home through a doggie door. The video captures Owens rummaging through Pake's possessions and, apparently after working up a thirst, grabbing a Red Bull energy drink from his refrigerator, police said.

According to the criminal complaint, Owens confessed and said she entered Pake's home on three separate occasions last week. In a post-Miranda statement, Owens further admitted that she took a camera and hid it in her bedroom.
"The defendant stated she was going to pawn it for money. The defendant admitted she stole the jar of money. The defendant stated she is addicted to pornography and purchased 20 to 30 DVDs and owed money. That's why she burglarized Mr. Pake's home, in an attempt to get items to pawn for cash," the criminal complaint reads.

Owens is being held at the Anoka County Jail.


Wow... I really can't laugh since I learned how to pick a lock because of porn. But still, she's 18 how much could she owe? And who could she owe so much money too that she felt it was necessary to do B & Es? At least she'll have a funny story for the bull dykes in holding.

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