Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan spreads it for Playboy..

We knew it was going to come to this eventually after Lindsay was busted for the fifth time. Posing for Playboy is a sign of one of two things... A step up for a struggling newcomer or the last gasp at attention for a person struggling  to keep their career alive.

And boy is Lindsay struggling.

There are a couple of issues I have with this spread.
1. Lohan is pretty much past her prime.
2. The Marilyn Monroe thing is all wrong for her.

I liked the younger (although she's still in her twenties) thicker Lindsay Lohan. The Mean Girls Lindsay who looked healthy and relatively drug free.

This Lindsay had it going on. The legs and boobs that defied gravity. The red hair and freckles. Lohan was firing on all cylinders in this period of her life. Now she's literally a shadow of her former self.

And the choice to go with the Marilyn Monroe look is wrongheaded. She's not in the vein of the original blonde bombshell. Lindsay is in the vein of Ann Margret, no slouch in her own right.  And it was no coincidence that her earlier photo spreads capitalized on the resemblance.

But after years of partying and drugging, its taken a toll on the once promising film star. Physically its left her gaunt, pale and skinny. While she's not as bad as she used to look a few years ago she's no longer the thicker sexier Lindsay that we all were watching out for. Before, her face was fuller now she just looks older and not in that graceful mature way and she's using a ton of make up to hide it.

I wouldn't be surprised if Playboy purposefully leaked the photos. Lohan is a has-been on her way to obscurity. This is a typical Playboy spread and I wouldn't imagine sales would be that much higher than on a regular day. If she had done this kind of thing after Mean Girls then it would have been something. But then again she wouldn't have had too. Which is why this reeks of desperation more than anything else. She's in and out of jail and court rooms, Can't get a film gig and has lost much respect in the industry. She may as well show her ass to make some cash now.

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