Friday, March 30, 2012

Half a BILLION up for grabs...if I get it DON'T ASK ME FOR A DAMN THING!!

I got my tickets dammit and if I hit don't call me, visit or even write a freakin' letter! Whatever you are doing for me today March 30th 2012... KEEP DOING THAT SHIT on March 31st!!

Hell NO I don't have you!!

Hell NO I don't wanna hear what problems you got!!

Hell NO I don't wanna reconcile over the "petty bullshit" we're beefin' on.

If you weren't there when I had nothing then what the fuck do I need you there for after I get something??

Yup half a billion is more money than one person could ever spend by themselves but you can bet your ass I'ma try my damnedest to spend it BUY MY SELF!! (yes I spelled it like that on purpose)

If you were a false friend who didn't give a fuck about me then the BEST you can get is to hope I don't use my new found riches to destroy your ass!


That much money can put you on a different level..I mean like a James Bond villain level.

"I don't expect you to talk Mr.Bond, I expect you to die!" That's some Goldfinger shit! That's some buy a remote island, a death ray and an attack satellite shit!

If you're walking your dog one morning and it suddenly burst into flames...I MISSED!

If a man dressed like this is ringing your doorbell then you've just made my shit list!

I'll have half a billion dollars and suddenly a whole lot of free time.. THAT'S NOT SOMEONE YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH!

So to sum it up... for those who had my back before (and that's a very short list) If I hit, I got you.

For those who turned their backs or just gave lip service, kiss my incredibly rich ass twice!

Just in case I don't hit though...hey Dan, can I borrow 50 bucks cuz I spent my last 50 on lottery tickets? /blush

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Okay Zimmerman, where's the blood and bruises?

video platform video management video solutions video player

If this footage is of the night of the killing then where's the blood and bruises on his face, nose and back of the head?

Where's the blood and grass stains?

Why doesn't George Zimmerman look like he was ever in a struggle that required him to shoot someone?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Geraldo Rivera and Fox News: 'Leave The Hoodie At Home' WTF??

I knew it was going to happen eventually. This argument is no different or less silly and offensive as the miniskirt argument. If a woman gets raped and its discovered she was wearing a miniskirt it would be the height of stupidity to claim that she is in part responsible for her own attack because of what she was wearing.

Its the same thing here. I understand that Fox News addresses another viewpoint in political and social issues but this view is just plain moronic. Trayvon Martin wasn't killed because he wore a hooded top. He was murdered because his assailant George Zimmerman saw a young black man he didn't recognize and reacted off that period. What that boy was wearing had nothing to do with it.

This is why I can't stand Fox News. For those guys to sit there and give credence to this stupid opinion is a smack in the face not just to Trayvon's memory but to any victim of that kind of assault. There's a reason why studies and reports show that Fox News viewers are the least informed people in the country and this is it. To make things even worse, I'm not even sure if they seriously believe what they're saying here. I truly believe that because its their job to take a contrarian position on issues that they're just ripping shit off the top of their heads and spouting whatever sounds good in order to collect the check.

Fuck Geraldo for talking that bullshit and fuck Fox News for broadcasting it!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Man up and stop acting like a pussy!!

He volunteered for the ride and screamed like a bitch even before it started /wahaha

looks like fun...Six Flags should consider it. /hmm

Friday, March 2, 2012

Adrienne Bailon goes commando in the wrong outfit!

What the hell was she thinking? I mean I personally have no problem with the outfit (saves images in the spankbank) but really... a dress made of negligee material and she thinks the big poofy thing in front of her will keep people from seeing her hoo-haa?

As sheer as that outfit is even if she had worn draws it would have looked ridiculous. Sexy but ridiculous.

nice to see she's a natural blonde though....