Friday, March 30, 2012

Half a BILLION up for grabs...if I get it DON'T ASK ME FOR A DAMN THING!!

I got my tickets dammit and if I hit don't call me, visit or even write a freakin' letter! Whatever you are doing for me today March 30th 2012... KEEP DOING THAT SHIT on March 31st!!

Hell NO I don't have you!!

Hell NO I don't wanna hear what problems you got!!

Hell NO I don't wanna reconcile over the "petty bullshit" we're beefin' on.

If you weren't there when I had nothing then what the fuck do I need you there for after I get something??

Yup half a billion is more money than one person could ever spend by themselves but you can bet your ass I'ma try my damnedest to spend it BUY MY SELF!! (yes I spelled it like that on purpose)

If you were a false friend who didn't give a fuck about me then the BEST you can get is to hope I don't use my new found riches to destroy your ass!


That much money can put you on a different level..I mean like a James Bond villain level.

"I don't expect you to talk Mr.Bond, I expect you to die!" That's some Goldfinger shit! That's some buy a remote island, a death ray and an attack satellite shit!

If you're walking your dog one morning and it suddenly burst into flames...I MISSED!

If a man dressed like this is ringing your doorbell then you've just made my shit list!

I'll have half a billion dollars and suddenly a whole lot of free time.. THAT'S NOT SOMEONE YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH!

So to sum it up... for those who had my back before (and that's a very short list) If I hit, I got you.

For those who turned their backs or just gave lip service, kiss my incredibly rich ass twice!

Just in case I don't hit though...hey Dan, can I borrow 50 bucks cuz I spent my last 50 on lottery tickets? /blush

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