Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Karen Klein Does NOT Deserve Half A Million Dollars...Yeah I Said It!

Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor whose ordeal sparked an outpouring of public support and ignited a nationwide conversation about bullying, finally met the man who is responsible for netting her more than $661,000 in donations

Tuesday night, the 68-year-old Klein welcomed 25-year-old Max Sidorov from Toronto into her Greece, N.Y., home.

"Nice guy, nice guy," Klein said to ABC News. "I'm very appreciative."

Sidorov, who said he was bullied once, too, felt compelled to act after seeing the YouTube video of Klein being verbally abused by four seventh-grade boys. He set up a page through asking for donations to send Klein on the “vacation of a lifetime.” Sidorov’s original goal was set at $5,000. In its first 24 hours, the fundraising campaign eclipsed $125,000.

"I didn't think anyone expected anything like this," Sidorov told ABC, noting to WHAM, "It reinforces my belief that there are so many good-hearted, kind, genuine people out there. It's inspired me."

Klein plans to donate part of the money to support Down syndrome research. She has eight grandchildren, one of whom has the genetic disorder.

Another portion of the nearly two-thirds of a million dollars will go toward home improvements, and to “pay off all my bills so that I can retire," Klein said.

"I almost feel like I don't deserve it," Klein, who has worked for the Greece, N.Y., school system for 23 years, added. "They should be sending their donations to other people that have more problems than I do."

Most of all, she is grateful to Sidorov for turning something painful into something beautiful. During the interview, she motioned to her wristband that reads “be a buddy, not a bully.”

Klein has said she will not press charges against the boys who tormented her, and hopes they will not be expelled, though the Greece School Board is considering suspending them for a year, ABC News reports.

The campaign will remain open for another 24 days. Meanwhile, Klein has been offered to take nine of her family or friends on a three-night visit to Disneyland. The Walt Disney Co. offered her a vacation at Disney World, and Southwest Airlines has volunteered a free flight.

A separate donation campaign has also been launched for Sidorov and has raised nearly $7,000. In the campaign’s info section, Indiegogo user Case Prince wrote, “Let's pay it forward ... We need to encourage all the Maxes out there."



A bunch of 7 year olds made her cry and for that people think she deserves over half a million dollars???

This may not be a true scam but I swear it cuts really close. And Klein cracks me up with "I ALMOST feel like don't deserve it." No, bitch you DON'T deserve it. What you deserve is an apology not just from the kids but from all the "parents" who shit out those hellions that you had the misfortune of watching over. What you don't deserve, even a little bit, is half a million dollars.

Max Sidorov says that he started the donation to give Karen on a vacation and set the goal limit for 5,000 bucks. But since the video of her verbal abuse went viral she's been offered free trips and airfare and I'm sure she would be comped at any restaurant she wanted to dine in. After that video, that woman could literally leave her house with her luggage and twenty dollars in her pocket, go to Disney World and have a vacation that's better than most. So why is the fund so much? If the limit of the fund was only 5 thousand dollars apparently that goal was hit within hours of starting it so why is the fund still up and going for 24 more days? Why start a secondary fund for Max? I went to the site for Max and here was the explanation:

Max Started the campaign that turned into a landslide of support for Karen Huff Klein and against bullying.. I feel Max deserves a small reward himself?..

Are you fucking kidding me??? Wait, so now there's a fund to give money to the guy who came up with the idea to give money to a grown woman who cried because children taunted her?? Now I'm smelling a scam.
The article says Sidorov was once bullied too. Who the fuck hasn't been?! If you haven't been bullied at some point in school then chances are you were a bully. Its that cut and dry. If you're not prey then you're a predator, especially in the school system.

I'm not saying people shouldn't do whatever they want with their money..I'm saying that what happened was excessive and waaaay out of proportion to the offense.

A free day at swanky spa
Tickets to any broadway show she wanted to see (transportation included)
A bonus from the school board or bus company she worked at or a paid day off.

Something like that is in scale of what she dealt with. 600,000 dollars is not in scale for her pain and suffering no matter how you slice it. She essentially got a little over half a million dollar for having one bad day at work. That's called life. 99.999 percent of people on this planet deal with that on a constant basis.

Neither one of these jokers deserve any of the money that's being raised on their behalf and it just shows the gullibility of people. No wonder Bernie Madoff was able to scam for so much.


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