Monday, October 22, 2012

For The Unenthused and Undecided Voter, The Choice is Simple.

After four years of observing the ups and downs of the Obama Presidency, if I had to give him a grade it would be either a B- or C. Considering what was sitting on his plate the day after he was inaugurated, what he's accomplished is pretty amazing especially when you factor in the economic and political headwinds.

The recovery is working albeit slowly but employment is and has always been a lagging factor in any recovery all economist will tell you that and housing is coming back. The reality is on top of an economic down turn we're also in the middle of an evolution in what jobs will be more in demand in the coming years. This has happened before with the Industrial Revolution. All those labor intensive jobs then were becoming automated. I imagine there were a  lot of people ticked off not just because they lost their job but its now become obsolete. That's what we're dealing with in large part today.

Also employers don't want to pay American workers cost of living in America wages. That's why Romney and his ilk have shipped jobs overseas because a Chinese worker will do what you can do for a fraction of the pay and no bathroom breaks. There's a reason why you have people jumping out of windows in Chinese factories. American companies want American citizens to be gluttonous consumers buying the next iPhone even though the previous one still has the new phone smell on it yet wages have been stagnant for the last 2 decades

And you think Mitt Romney has an answer for that that's better than the President?  What..give more tax cuts to the rich and hope they pass it down to everyone else in terms of jobs and opportunity? It hasn't happened in the 10 years before this current President and its not going to happen  in a Romney presidency. You know it and I know it. Mitt says he can create 12 million jobs if elected? Well most economist say that many jobs will happen anyway and its a number that's still behind the curve in terms of jobs needed and population rate.

Everyone is frustrated because the President didn't walk on water. But things have changed and we are coming out the other side of the economic crash. There are some things that people don't want to hear from their leaders that BOTH the President and Romney are sidestepping and not saying which is: The jobs that you did before the crash most likely isn't the job you're going to get back after the recovery. We are ALL going to have to roll with the punch of economic evolution and globalization and consumer demand and learn more and/or different skill sets if we're to survive in the different economic landscape.

Mitt's plans aren't much different than Bush's and Obama's plan are slowed by a obstinate Congress. If you listen to the debates Romney agrees more with the president on plans and programs than he disagrees.

Romney NOW agrees to keep parts of Obamacare, How he can do that without the SCOTUS approved mandate is beyond anyone's comprehension.

Romney's not going to change nor has he detailed how he would have a better program than Obama's Race To The Top education initiative.

He doesn't have a better plan than the Presidents for students loans,

Whats Mitts plan for housing? Is it the same one he had for the Auto industry?

What's his plan for Afghanistan? According to Ryan its to pull troops out when conditions are better. When is that? How long will that take? How much money and lives will that cost?

His plan on lowering deficits doesn't add up.

In the third and final debate Romney literally agreed with 95% of plans and actions President Obama has taken on foreign affairs.

And that's just a short list. While Obama hasn't lived to the lofty rhetoric of '08 he has exhibited a steady hand in the worst economic crisis we've seen a long time. And he's accomplished something no other President from either party has been able to do and that's reform health care in America. You may not like it in its current form but at least we have it and it can be tweaked. Mitt's solution is just go to the ER. That's no plan.

Barack Obama deserves another 4 years.