Monday, February 4, 2013

Skirts have no place in Hip-Hop...or do they??

There's something of a backlash and schism brewing in Hip hop about male rappers who wear either feminine  gear or rock a "feminized" look. Lord Jamar articulates the issue pretty well in this interview:

Lord Jamar was on point with MOST of what he said especially about the history but there was one thing that undermined his greater point and that was ego and arrogance..

Hip hop is built on ego and arrogance, the MC is walking ego and arrogance, to rhyme the things they do and behave the way they do is all ego and arrogance.

If that's the foundation of the culture, the bravado to stand in front of a crowd and NOT be a singer, NOT play an instrument, to essentially talk in syncopation to a beat and say "I'm gonna rock this crowd off the strength of my lyrics and attitude" and then do it is nothing but ego and arrogance. 

So you can't put limitations on that, unfortunately that means it has the potential to go into areas that make people uncomfortable but that's how it works. 

Hip hop is a culture that's influenced by other cultures so its always going to evolve. And evolution isn't comfortable or pleasing a lot of the time.

He said RUN DMC was influenced to dress the way they did by the drug dealers.  And we all know how street gang culture has impacted hip hop and rap music.

You can't have a problem with skinny jeans but give a pass to saggin pants to any degree not just below the ass.. saggin' period is PRISON CULTURE.

If rocking a kilt is Scottish culture and not hip hop then saggin' pants is prison culture and not hip hop. 

these cats aren't and have NEVER sagged their pants

this dude didn't sag his pants in the beginning

this dude didn't sag his pants

So if we're going to say whats culture and whats not culture then lets be consistent.

But if those cultures can influence hip hop then why not Scottish culture and for that matter gay culture? 

How can the influence or gang and prison culture be allowed in but non-black ethnic and gay culture shunned?

Who makes up the rules and draws the line??

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