Monday, May 13, 2013

Could Jay Z or Kanye West become the President of Hip Hop?

Air Force One is for sale. And I think Jay Z or  maybe Kanye West should buy it.

Okay, not the plane that carries President Obama from place to place but an older model is up for auction. Here's the ad for the auction from The General Services Administration:

As you can see its a vintage model that was in service through the six Presidents, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton & Bush 2, so it must have something like half a billion miles on it. But it is a historical item that is an indelible symbol of America.

Which got me to thinking about how simultaneously appropriate and annoying it would be for a rapper to own such an item. It would be appropriate because hip hop being a decedent of jazz, rock and blues is the most pure american music form. And it would be annoying for all those ultra patriotic, old Tea Party conservatives and Republicans who hate to see a successful Black rapper, who likes to flaunt his riches, take control of one of the most recognizable symbols of the country.

I can't image the plane costing more than a few hundred thousand to purchase (done through proxies so rich conservatives like the Koch Brothers can't try to drive up the bidding to keep it out of the rapper's hand) and  a couple million to refurbish and update. Hell, these guys get whole mansions built from scratch for millions, buying a DC-9 from  the 70s shouldn't be a problem.

Also it wouldn't be just a frivolous display of affluence, there is some real marketing/branding potential in obtaining that plane. A staple tradition of the baller rap genre is if you got it like that then show and prove and what better what to do that than by purchasing the plane that six Presidents have used?

An ancillary benefit part of the move would be that in one fell swoop a Jay Z or Kanye (better Kanye since he's much more irritating to most people) could take control of the most prominent symbol of American power that's their right as a citizen and stick it in the face of those stuffy old conservatives all at same time.

I'm just spit-balling here but I can see one of then buying the plane, cleaning it up and refurbish the interior with a state of the art executive design making the plane a flying record label office/personal transport. Pretty much a similar function it had with Commander in Chief as a flying Oval Office.

Keep the original color scheme of state blue, cyan  and white with the US flag on the tail but changing the writing to something like THE UNITED STATES OF HIP-HOP and changing the presidential seal to something that incorporated the symbols of the five elements of hip-hop. And in that capacity the plane would serve as a the best marketing tool any rap entertainer could ask for.

I  imagine that plane debuting in a music video. Rolling out of the hanger looking pristine.

Gleaming blue and white with the american flag on the tail and a gold seal of a fist holding a microphone on the side where the presidential seal would be...

Jay Z or Kanye roll up in a limo and steps onto the tarmac like that scene from Face Off...

The rest of the video is of the decked out interior and various angles of the plane in flight over american land marks along with the shots of the rapper looking every bit of the executive in control. Nice suit and shades. None of the more outlandish cartoonish elements that are routine in rap videos.

Ending with it landing at a city for a concert, fans are gathered at the airport like a campaign rally and the rapper waves at the crowd and goes to the stadium in and rocks it there..

And the kicker is its not some rented or leased shit its his plane, he really carries it like that and everywhere that rapper goes, every place he lands that plane would be an easy calling card to spot and associate with.

It would be like the PRESIDENT OF HIP HOP.

I guess you could get any big name rapper to do it, 50cent, Eminem, not Drake since he's Canadian (although there's nothing to stop him from doing it) But Jay Z and Kanye are the two most prominent names making news right now. At first I thought maybe Will Smith but he's more of an actor than rapper for the last 20 years.

And Kanye is more rebel/fuck-you-I'm-here-now-what! like and him with the plane would be more cocky. I think he would be a bigger lightning rod for conservative ire. I could see Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh bursting a blood vessel over the matter. Fox News talking heads would run with it at least for a couple of days.

Jay Z is more business like and he could pull it off in a better elder statesmen fashion. Also he's more associated with the actual President, campaigning for him, attending the second inauguration and name checking Obama in his song "Open Letter"

You might think its silly and maybe it is but it would raise a bit of ruckus which for these guys is not only the norm but the name of the game. I mean for a pair of guys, one who knocked up the queen of attention whoring and the other associating with the leader of the free world then taking a vacation in a country that's still on the US's shit list, buying a plane that served as Air Force One should be par for the course of how their lives go at this point.

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