Saturday, August 24, 2013

Looking at his body language, Kanye may love Kim but he can't stand Kris...

Kim and Kanye maybe happy couple but its looking pretty clear that Kanye and Kris are not the best buds. There have been several reports in the tabloids that Kanye doesn't want his personal life and particularly that of his child used as fodder for Reality TV but when the bread and butter of his baby mama and potential in-laws career is spectacle and exposing their personal lives how can he not participate? Its not like the Kardashians are a song and dance family, all they have to offer is thier lives as it happens and for some unfathomable reason large amounts of people tune in to watch. Since becoming a Reality TV personality, Kim Kardashian's relationships have been adversely affected by her family's need to draw the man she's dating into the circle of ridiculousness that is "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and now Kanye West have all been rumored to have major issues with the family show and the extent of their participation in it, among other things. Earlier this year its been reported that West and Jenner have been clashing because he thinks she's always meddling in his relationship with Kim, and all he wants is some space between him and his baby mama's family.

Well that space isn't going to happen when the Kardashian family matriarch just developed yet another show, this one a talk show starring Kris herself. Space isn't going to happen when one of the biggest events of 2013 was the birth and naming of her grandchild. Space isn't going to happen when Kris needs content for her new show, starring herself, and the biggest "get" she has so far is the one everyone wants and she has direct access to, the most controversial person of the last five years and his newborn daughter.

So the snippet of the interview you see is something akin to a contractual obligation for Kanye. Its his baby's mama's mama, its family and to show his support he literally takes one for Team Kardashian. And his body language illustrates that. Below I've posted a couple of pics of Kanye in a couple of interviews that were very crucial to his life and career. Interviews where he was discussing and explaining a couple of the lowest moments for him. 

Here's he's talking to Jay Leno (on his ill-fated 10pm talk show during the Conan/Tonight Show debacle) and at this point he's talking about what he was thinking when he interrupted Taylor Swift during her MTV VMA award acceptance speech. He looks introspective and sad but more importantly his arms are down on his lap, its a sign of contrition. This is the body language of someone who has opened himself up to criticism and is willing to accept the responsibility of his actions.

Here he's talking to Matt Laurer about the time he pretty much called President Bush a racist on live television. He's looking directly at Laurer and his hands are open and out, an inviting gesture. This is the body language of someone who is pleading for understanding in how he could make such a remark and the emotional place he was coming from when he made it.

Both of these incidences are incredibly low points for Kanye West. And at each time he was willing to come forward and explain himself, granted he was doing damage control but still, he made the effort.

Here Kanye's talking to Kris on her new show about something that's overwhelmingly positive, the love of his life and his new baby daughter. And look at his body language. Tense, reluctant, barely any eye contact with Kris, his child's grandmother mind you. His arms are crossed, closed off. This is the body language of someone who does NOT want to be there. This man is talking about the love of his live and his newborn daughter and look at how he's sitting. Does anyone else think something's not right?

There is real tension there and Kanye looks like he's doing everything he can to make it work.  Everyone has their doubts about Kanye and Kim's relationship but so far it seems real, hell they just brought a life into this situation, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they didn't do it just for publicity. But if things do go sour my bet will be that it was Kris' insistence on exploiting their relationship for her family's career gain.