Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dancing With Stars or as I call it: What Celeb is Boinking Their Dance Instructor This Season

Are they or aren't they? Dancing with the Stars season 18 champs Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis continued their victory lap in NYC on Thursday night, May 22, where the pro dancer, 34, and Olympic ice dancer, 27, celebrated in NYC with dinner and dancing downtown at TAO with about ten other pals.

Further fueling chatter of a possible romance, "Maks and Meryl were super touchy feely," one source tells Us Weekly. "Before dinner they were in a corner talking really close. He kept kissing her on the forehead and was doting on her, the source adds. "He had his arm around her waist and shoulders a ton."

After dinner, the group moved on next door to TAO Lounge, and Chmerkovskiy headed back to Los Angeles on Friday. Although much has been made of the pair's adorable chemistry, a source close to Chmerkovskiy insists it's still just platonic. "They had a great time [in NYC] but honestly they aren't dating yet," the Maks source says. "Maks is that affectionate with all women. He always acts like that, it's how he is, very touchy feely. He genuinely adores her but it is not dating yet."

Chmerkovskiy's ex-fiancee and fellow DWTS pro Karina Smirnoff bolsters the same theory.

It's "great acting," she explained to Us earlier this week. "When you're on the dance floor...you want to create that story, you want to create something where people believe that what you demonstrated was real . . And [Maks and Meryl] were able to do that."

The pair were asked flat-out about the dating rumors on The Wendy Williams Show earlier in the day on Thursday. "We're not dating, no," Davis said. "We like to keep the personal lives personal."

Chmerkovskiy's most recent known girlfriend was none other than supermodel Kate Upton. The Russian-born hunk and the Other Woman star, 21, split last December after about six months of dating.

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars too often anymore. How they choose the celebrities annoys me. It's ridiculous to pick people who are too old or too uncoordinated and group them with athletes and former dancers. Its just plain stupid to have Nene Leakes and Drew Carey competing against Olympic Gold medal winner Meryl Davis and Paralympian Amy Purdy who with prosthetic legs still managed to come in second. The show should match skill level with skill level and not athletes vs. the elderly. But enough of my rant on that, this season featured the very hot pairing of Meryl Davis and her dance instructor Maks Chmerkovskiy and boy did those two heat it up.

There were a couple of instances where they staged an almost kiss in the routine. And She was constantly leaning on him.

And during the interview in the second to last show you can see how they're rubbing each other. 

Friends and professionals don't do that shit. They can say whatever they want, that ain't acting.  They're both single at the moment and the competition is over so its really kinda pointless to play coy with the "are you guys dating" question. Personally I don't think they're dating. I think they're just boning and playing semantics with the question. I'd bet they did it at least a couple times since the show ended. Its not impossible considering how intense the show can get and how much time they have to spend together. The cameras aren't on them all the time. 

Those athletic thighs and that small frame...homie must be tossing her like a ragdoll in the bedroom.

But while I was watching the show, there was one thing that kept bugging me. I kept thinking that Meryl looked like a Disney cartoon. Like Jasmine in Aladdin or something like that. There was something about her face that just reminds me of that and I think I figured out why...

Actually now that I think of it, I noticed the same thing with R&B singer Brandy Norwood. They both have eyes that are far apart and a lot of open space in the center of they're face. Also they have overly wide smiles. 

Features that are generally exaggerated in cartoons usually to depict cuteness in females. Disney tends to use this formula..a lot.

So Meryl Davis and Brandy Norwood literally have cartoon features. 

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