Friday, September 12, 2014

When is J.Lo going to accept that her booty is not THE booty anymore??

Jennifer Lopez shows off backside during 'Booty' performance at Fashion Rocks

Dayum, J.Lo!

Jennifer Lopez not only set the red carpet on fire at Tuesday night's Fashion Rocks, wearing a black one-legged body suit, but she caused a five-alarm blaze inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.
When she took the stage to perform her hit song "Booty," Lopez was literally in every form of the word.
She twerked, spanked and, yes, showed off her big booty in front of the sold-out audience for a night filled with music and fashion.

Jennifer Lopez rocked the red carpet at Fashion Rocks 2014 at the Barclays Center Tuesday night.
"Would you like me to seduce you?" she said at the start of the performance.
It's a lucky guess she succeeded.
Not 30 seconds into Lopez's showcase paying homage to voluptuous backsides did she turn around exposing her nearly nude bum in a high-cut bikini, silver-sequined ensemble.

But why have one big booty when you could have an entourage of plump derrieres?
The "I Luh Ya Papi" was joined by dozens of bootylicious mamas swearing black-sequined minis, who were happy to turn around, bend over and show off their assets alongside the internationally known superstar.

Don't be mistaken, Lopez was still the center of attention and even broke it down in a dance sequence, shaking her backside while several male dancers surrounded her while taking pictures with cellphones.


Thats a textbook puff piece but Jennifer Lopez has been playing up her big butt for the last few years now and the real truth is it smacks of desperation.

Back in the day some 20 years ago (yes, it's been that long) when she was up and coming, Lopez never overtly played up her derriere it was just there and we noticed. She didn't have to call attention to it. During her In Living Color days, she was the thick Fly Girl. Along with Keri-Ann (Inaba) and Josie, Jennifer Lopez stood out even then though we didn't know her name, we just called her the thick ass Fly Girl. She made a breakthrough playing Selena, the late Latin songstress who was just making a mainstream breakthrough herself in the US when she was murdered in 1995. Selena was a pure brick-house with an incredible booty and Lopez's body shape closely resembled Selena's enough that the Puerto Rican actress was tapped to play the Mexican singer in the bio-pic. 

After that things just fell into place and Jennifer's star was on the steady rise. She started getting more starring roles for various genres from romantic comedies (Maid In Manhattan) to action (Anaconda) to dark thrillers (The Cell) and through all of that she didn't need to play up her big booty, we just noticed. Even when she started her music career and transformed herself into "J.Lo/Jenny from the Block" she didn't really highlight her butt too much during that time. The infamous Grammy dress she wore was more about the plunging neckline and cleavage than her ass.

Oh don't get me wrong, Jennifer Lopez in the 90s and early 2000s knew she was bootylicious, but she knew how be cool with it. She played the less is more game to perfection. The less attention she called to it the more we wanted to see it. She knew when to wear the skin tight dresses and pants and when to turn just right to let us know she knew we were looking.

To illustrate how popular her booty was, Chris Rock took time out to talk about it in his opening monologue at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

those were the days..

But that was a long time ago and time marches on and after the movie stardom started to fade a bit and the new album sales started to drop a bit, Jennifer pulled back, got married and had a couple of kids. Suddenly years have past and she's no longer Jenny from the Block. She's no longer the hot single 20-something now she's in her 40s and somebody's mother. And like new gunslingers riding into town, there are younger booties on the scene who want to claim the crown.

Younger, bigger, fatter booties.

And unlike Jennifer in the 90s, these chicks have no problem slinging those asses in the most obvious manner. These woman lead with their asses. Kim Kardashian has no discernible talent whatsoever and her claim to fame was primarily due to a sex tape and being Paris Hilton's jet-set friend when Hilton was in the spot light. But after that infamous launch to celebrity status the biggest and only weapon in Kardashian's arsenal is her ass. Beyonce actually does have talent but she isn't afraid to pull the trigger on her sexiness gun and went so far as to coin the term bootylicious just so you know what to look for when you watch her. The last two, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, in particular make no bones about what their major assets are and even though both are rappers its not lyricism that they put front and center.

On a side note, for the last few years Minaj was the biggest booty in town until Hurricane Iggy blew in and Nicki felt so threatened she went nuclear and made an album cover like this:

It seems Lopez wants to get back to where she was 10-15 years ago but the landscape has changed so dramatically since she was the popular flavor. And now JLo has to pull out all the stops just to get a fraction of the attention she once got with just a wink and a wiggle. Now its all about the ass. Now Lopez is actually leading with her ass in obvious ways. Unfortunately for her its 40 year old mother of two booty not 20 year old free and single booty and while she has definitely acquired classic MILF status its unseemly for a mature woman as accomplished as she is.

The person who earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should never belittle herself to having to compete in the same way these other females are going about it. Which is why I say these last few videos and live performances smack of desperation. She went so far as making a single called Booty as if we needed to be reminded about what made us notice her in the first place.

She's even accessorized with Black booty dancers because that's the standard play. It's the thing to do nowadays. Twerking and ass shaking isn't official unless you have big assed black back up dancers. 

Its not even sexy in this shot. Its just silly. maybe that's what she was going, hopefully. Back in the 90s there wasn't that many big butts to chose from. Other than Lopez there was Salma Hayek and Janet Jackson. The reality today is there are so many more bigger rounder butts to choose from counting the four I already listed plus Sophia Vergara, Coco Austin, Shakira and Serena Williams. When the landscape looks like that JLo isn't such a stand out anymore. Hell her ass doesn't distinguish itself at all from her back up dancers in this video.

At this point in her career rather than mellow and go out with some dignity, Jennifer Lopez comes off like an older boxer trying to revitalize a career that's approaching its twilight years. Make no mistake pop music, particularly the type and demographic she's going for, is not a 40+ year old's game.  If it were she wouldn't be doing the above.

Let it go JLo.

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