Thursday, June 2, 2016

What really killed Harambe the gorilla wasn't bad parenting or a security decision, it was tourism.

Police are investigating a toddler's fall into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo — an incident that ended with the gorilla shot dead, authorities said.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters announced the investigation Tuesday.

Following the investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department, police will confer with the prosecutor's office on possible criminal charges, Deters said in a statement.

News of the investigation comes amid renewed scrutiny of the zoo, with an animal protection watchdog group calling for the federal government to hold the zoo responsible for Harambe's death.


This isn't the first time or even one of the rare times animals and humans have crossed paths in a zoo. You can google the litany of  animal escapes from zoos or humans getting to habitats or circus problems with elephants or tigers etc, the issues continue and yet all the outrage is directed at security or safety protocol breaches.

A four year old breaks away from his mother, climbs a fence and falls into the gorilla's habitat. Ten minutes later the animal is dead and everyone is pointing fingers and placing blame at everyone else except the one thing that's really responsible for this tragedy. The existence of zoos period. Taking a wild animal and putting it in a cage or artificial environment just so random people can pay to look at it is beyond cruel when you really think about it. Harambe the gorilla wasn't killed by zoo security, he was killed by the want for tourism dollars. And its not just zoos, all animal parks and exhibits are cruel. Only recently has the public been enlightened to the treatment of killer whales at Sea World. The outrage of that lead to the facility shutting down the exhibit. But thats just one exhibit. All the other animals there are still captive. 

The saddest thing I saw was an Orangutan make a hammock. 


This creature had the wherewithal for tool usage and to make adjustments for comfort and your telling me he's not aware he's in captivity? Its not fascinating its sad. Harambe was a western lowland gorilla that's indigenous to Central Africa and he was born in captivity and raised in Texas then moved to a habitat in Cincinnati, Ohio for the purpose of breeding more gorillas in captivity. I understand that gorillas in Central Africa are being hunted and poached to the point where their population numbers are dangerously low,  that's tragic and every effort should be made to stop that travesty. But what good is breeding a wild animal in captivity so that it can't survive on it own without human aid like Harambe? Or the tigers that escaped their enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo a few years back? 

If you think the lion gif is funny it shows how much you don't consider how cruel zoos are. Thats a wild animal acting on instincts and he's in an enclosure thats suppose to mimic his natural environment, we're capturing these animals to study what makes them tick but we're still destroying their territory and native lands and the ones in captivity can't survive on their own even if returned to their homeland, so whats the point? The point is tourism is big bucks for a city and zoos, safaris and exhibits generate millions for city and state coffers. Hell, an aspect of a city's prestige can lie in the quality and size of its zoo. So these wild animals are put in cages and enclosures almost strictly for the revenue they bring.

I'm not naive enough to believe that this topic will ever get examination in the public forum, there's too much money in zoos for that to ever happen. But let's at least be honest about the root of the issue that ended with a dead gorilla in the middle of Cincinnati.  

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